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Midnight Drive Apps makes mobile apps for small local businesses who are looking to grow through repeat business and increase engagement with their customers.

Traditionally, small businesses have been priced out from getting an app, which has unfairly prevented them from getting the benefits of an app. Midnight Drive Apps offers a simple and affordable solution for small business to get an app and help them better serve their customers.


What is your favourite thing about what you do?

Meeting and working with the local business community and helping their business by presenting them with a solution that’s previously been out of reach for the small business community.

What are your most popular products or services?

Currently, our most popular features are the appointment booking and loyalty rewards.

What is the best-kept secret about your products/services?

Although it’s not a secret, the best part about our service is that it’s not our app it’s YOUR app and it’s customized, and branded to your business!

It’s not a platform that lists your business with competing services, it’s YOUR app and when your customers download it to their phone, they get your logo and

your business at their figure tips, without the distraction of the internet.

Who is your ideal customer/client?

Small, customer-facing businesses who are looking to grow their business through frequent repeat business, such as hair salons, nail salons, cleaning services, pet services, coffee shops, print shops etc.

Brittany Clarke & Chris Clarke
Midnight Drive Apps