Who: The Newport Group Chartered Professional Accountants
What: Your value-add accountant
Where: Port Moody, www.newportgrp.com

Here at The Newport Group, we are more than your average accountant. We work with our clients throughout the year, so come time to file your taxes; your affairs are already in order. We believe that developing relationships with our clients is the best way to do our job – advise you on ways to improve your business. Whether you’re thinking of incorporating, or planning for your next business goal, The Newport Group is here to help.

We see our clients return time after time because of their positive experience working with our Chartered Professional Accountants.  Punctuality, accessibility and extraordinary customer service are the pillars of our success.  We are always on time, easy to reach, and go the extra mile to ensure clients understand what’s going on. At The Newport Group, we understand that communication is important. We will always go the extra mile to ensure our clients understand the numbers and keep our communication lines open.

From accounting and tax services to helping you grow your business, not only are we accustomed to wearing many hats, we genuinely enjoy it! You can rest assured knowing that our firm’s highly trained professionals can help you and your business move to the next level.

The Newport Group