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I’ve developed a high level of expertise in working with affluent individuals, with a dedication to providing exceptional service. My primary objective is to help my clients generate the necessary income to maintain their desired lifestyle during their retirement years and help them preserve and grow their assets for future generations.


What is the best-kept secret about your services?

The firm’s independence. Odlum Brown Limited is the largest employee-owned brokerage firm in Vancouver. As we are purely a retail advisory firm and don’t engage in investment banking activities, we can be completely unbiased in our recommendations, guided only by our clients’ best interests.


Who is your Ideal client?

A business professional or retiree who prefers a more active and tailored approach rather than one-size-fits-all advice. One who wants to take action, seeks professional, unbiased advice and desires help in implementing a disciplined investment strategy.


Odlum Brown
Robin MacLaughlan
Investment Advisor

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