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Qualicare Family HomeCare provides companions, homemakers, assistants, health care aids, nurses and more for people requiring extra care in their home. Services include medical and non-medical care, morning/evening/day/overnight care, Alzheimer’s care, and many customized solutions for your loved one with our 360° approach to care.


What is your favourite thing about what you do?

I love getting to know a family and helping them understand what their needs are so that we can create a customized care solution that not only helps our client, it benefits the entire family with a peace of mind.


What are your most popular products or services?

4-hour day shifts that allow our caregivers to see our client through 2 meals and perhaps prepare a third meal so it is ready for later.

We also provide overnight care which is very popular with our clients recovering from surgery or a hospital stay.


Who is your ideal client?

Our clients are often seniors and sometimes have experienced something that has changed their ability to live the way they once did.  For example, a wife might get admitted into the hospital and now her husband requires some extra help at home while she recovers.  Or a client with dementia has just moved into an assisted living community or with their adult children and they need extra care and attention while they adjust to their new surroundings.


Michelle Bailey, Executive Director
Qualicare Family Homecare – Tri-Cities
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