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Reveal Events Group is an award-winning event management, design, and production company driven by creating the best experience for our clients, team and ultimately, the audience. We produce corporate/social events, galas, conferences, employee engagement, and experiential events. Let Reveal Events Group help you imagine your unimagined. This year Reveal Events Group was awarded the coveted title of 2019 Canadian Event Professional of the Year!


What is your favourite thing about what you do?
My mantra is “Creating joyful experiences for others”, and our business is founded on that philosophy. Every time we interact with a client, supplier, or team member, we always keep that front of mind. We are in the business of delivering experiences that create long-lasting memories. The most fulfilling part of the job is seeing the joy on peoples faces when they see the room for the first time, taste the catering, or experience the many surprises we always have in store for them. When you get that look of wonder, you know you have it right.


What are your most popular products or services?
While we do produce the events that you would typically expect from an event management company, such as large scale galas, fundraisers and parties, we also work closely with small to medium size businesses on customer loyalty and community engagement, experiential campaigns, as well as employee engagement and retention. I am looking to work with my chamber partners on helping them grow their businesses and brand awareness through community activation.


What is the best-kept secret about your products/services?
I think always being open to possibility, and not muddying my mind with doubts or limitations at the beginning of the creative process. My creative brief meetings start from the place of “There is no technology uninvented and no goal unachievable”. This allows for a pure and uninhibited space where all ideas get a moment in the light. That process allows the juices to flow and all ideas, even the absurd, to come to the table. From there we are able to distil everything down to what is possible with the budget, venue, etc and create something magical. Our company is called Reveal Events Group because every event, no matter how big or small, must have that moment that takes guests somewhere unexpected.


Tell us about your proudest moment?
There have been so many moments that made me proud…from working on major concerts to massive conferences and events. The one moment that sticks out in my mind is when I opened the program for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games and saw that I had been named under the “thank you’s”. I stepped back from that and said, wow, you just worked on one of the biggest shows in the world, and people took notice.

Alex Bickers, President & Creative Director
Reveal Events Group