Feature Member | Rosemarie’s Treasures

Rosemarie’s Treasures is a little store tucked away on Ridgeway Ave in Coquitlam, packed full of delights to brighten your home and celebrate the big and little moments in life.  Our customers tell us they always find something wonderful for a reasonable price in our store.


One of our favourite things is finding new treasures that our customers will love!  For example, our ethical trade line – stunning scarves and jewellery made by women in Bali, Thailand and India. We couldn’t sleep waiting for that first order to arrive, and it is amazing to be part of something that supports women across the globe.

Our inventory is always changing, but one of our most popular products is our Canadian made, natural pain relief lotion, Mercy MSM.   It helps people suffering from joint and muscle pain.  We have sold hundreds of bottles, and customers refer their friends and family.  It has changed my life and helped so many other people.

Rosemarie's Treasures

Our customers are usually women of all ages, but there are many guys who have figured out that we will make gift shopping a lot easier!

I lived in the Tri-Cities for most of my life and shopped at Rosemarie’s Treasures for 30 years.  When I learned it was about to close it took me less than 15 minutes to decide to buy it.  I can’t imagine Austin Heights without this store, so I suppose it was an emotional decision, but there is a fantastic opportunity for us in this changing, growing community.  We are changing as well, carrying Canadian and local artisan products, opening on Sundays and setting up our online store.

What hasn’t changed?  Ready to go and custom gift-wraps and gift baskets, lots of free parking, the “on hold” shelf and our fantastic prices.


Debbi Rasmussen, Owner