Who: Spick & Span Sisters

What: Commercial Cleaning Services

Where: Tri-Cities, Facebook

Spick & Span Sisters is owned and operated by two “real” sisters, Tiria and Melanie. They offer commercial cleaning services to the Tri-Cities area. After 5 years in business, they proudly serve many not-for-profits, businesses and government funded programs throughout Metro Vancouver.

The dynamic duo strives to serve the community by creating and maintaining positive relationships with businesses. With a vision of increased community involvement, the sisters ensure the job is always done consistently and with pride. These sisters have a heart for what they do.

The innovative and budget conscious combo works behind the scenes to give your business a safe and clean workplace. Their range of services include carpet and Anchorupholstery cleaning, power washing, janitorial and custodial services and air duct and exhaust system cleaning. The Spick & Span team offers a variety of scheduling and management of supplies to meet your needs.

If you need a reliable clean-up crew, give the Spick & Span Sisters a call!

Tiria Michalski & Melanie Sinclair
Spick & Span Sisters