Feature Member | The Angela Calla Mortgage Team


What is your favourite thing about what you do?

Our favorite thing is helping hard-working Canadians save their hard earned money, avoid costly mistakes and move up down or across the property ladder. We are there for every stage in life’s journey with the best-suited mortgage!


What is the best kept secret about your products/services?

The best thing about what we do, is we are unbiased with our recommendations, our service is free, we protect your credit score by shopping the appropriate lenders with one application, and proactively manage your mortgage for continual savings.


Who is your ideal customer/client?

Angela Calla Mortgage Team clients come to us, as they want more than the status quo. They know mortgages are far more than a mortgage rate, its about cash flow and a lifestyle. What appears to be the lowest rates and cash back incentives actually cost you more over the term for well-qualified borrowers. Its what about “what” you know, so utilizing the services and system to your advantage is what gives you power as a consumer. Our clients are people who don’t want to be sold and represented by someone with one-way biases, they want the FULL, unbiased picture with a customized plan and ongoing management to enhance their life.


What do you love about living/working in the Tri-Cities?

I live, work, invest and raise my family and employ people in the Tri-Cites, I take great pride in where I live and the surrounding communities.


How do most of your clients/customers hear about you?

Our clients come to us as they have seen me in the media, have had a friend, family member, co-worker or someone they really care about reach out to us or we have been a part of their journey for up to 15 years!  We are so proud to be helping them manage their mortgage to coincide with there changing lifestyles. Watching them grow personally, professionally, in families and build wealth, or to be a part of positive change when they go through a hard or life-changing time is an honour and the most abundant parts of the journey together.


Angela Calla