Who: Tri-Cities Early Childhood Development Committee
What: Programs designed to meet the developmental needs of young children
Where: www.tricitiesecd.ca

The Tri-Cities Early Childhood Development Committee is one of many similarĀ groups across BC who are passionate about improving the lives of young children and their families. We have representatives from local agencies, the child care community, various levels of government and the community in general and we are always welcoming new members.

Beginning in 2000, the committee was formed to promote healthy pregnancy, birth, and infancy, improve parenting and family supports and strengthen Early Childhood Development. The Tri-Cities ECD Committee works to improve the outcomes for children from preconception to the age of six.

We are funded by the Province of BC, the Ministry of Children and Family Development. We are strategic with our limited community resources and work to make as many Early Childhood Development services as accessible and available to young families in the Tri-Cities as possible.

Susan Foster

(604) 927-2612