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Tri-Cities Pest Detective is a full-service pest control company that serves residential, commercial, and industrial buildings anywhere from Belcarra to Maple Ridge. From insects to raccoons to birds, Tri-Cities Pest Detective has you covered.Tri-Cities Pest Detective Team

What are your most popular services?
Our most popular services are assessing and diagnosing pest problems, treating problems quickly and thoroughly, and providing solutions for reducing the chance of recurrence.

What is unique about your services?
The exterminators and technicians at Tri-Cities Pest Detective are professionally trained to work with environmentally-friendly, non-toxic treatments, getting rid of your pests while keeping your home safe.

How did you get into your business?
I began working for my brother-in-law in 2000 under pressure to repay student loans. I thought I would work for him for 1 year but something about the problem-solving aspect of the work and the ability to help people clicked for me. In 2007, after managing his company for several yearTri-Cities Pest Detective Logos, I purchased a franchise from him.

Jamie Kiffiak
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