Who: Unique Get Together Society
What: A community for children with special abilities
Where: www.uniquegettogethersociety.com

After spending a summer working with a young boy with Autism, Debra Abraham was so rewarded that she began working with a small group of children to provide childcare, education and entertainment. When Debra stumbled upon the extreme lack of social recreation available for children with autism, she founded Unique Get Together Society, a place that focuses on children’s needs and abilities with special programming and day-to-day activities.

Unique Get Together Society offers a variety of services including behavioural intervention, respite care, mentorship programs and even a snoezelen room, a therapeutic and recreational room used to help children with developmental disabilities.

Throughout the year, they also host a number of recreational programs including, after school programs, hiking for parents and caregivers, spring and summer camps, summer nights and parents day off.

Debra Abraham
(604) 725-2483