If you own an ice cream parlour, a cafe with an outdoor patio or a store that sells fans and air conditioners, your business is hot, thanks to the warm weather that’s finally shown up in the Tri-Cities.
However, businesses like winter sports gear retailers, curling rinks and sled dog tour operators are probably seeing revenues drip like a child’s ice cream cone.
But warm weather needed chill your sales. Here’s a few marketing ideas that can heat things up.
• Hold a sidewalk sale or barbecue. These events bring in customers, especially important if you rely on walk-in business. Check with your city hall to see if any permits are required and make sure adjacent businesses know of your plans.
• Business to business networking picnic. Let your customers know you value them and enhance that relationship. You can hand out some swag (water bottles, hats) with your company’s name and logo on it.
• Be part of your community. Summer time is festival time and that means opportunities to sponsor events. As a sponsor your company’s name gets posted on banners and programs. It’s great PR because the public and potential customers see you are involved in your community. You and your employees can establish potentially fruitful relationships.
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