Coast Therapy

Finalist: Community Spirit

Coast Therapy is well known clinic for providing best care for people struggling from injuries or sicknesses. Every therapist presents the best knowledge, experience and takes care of each person at the best possible level. This clinic is different from others because every person working there cares about every patient.

Coast Therapy is a growing and improving business, very dynamic, with the best therapists and best caring administrative staff. The main attention goes to giving the best care to all patients and to meet personal needs of every one of them.

Igor Kharif along with his partner Anita Wilson are the most energetic bosses you can possibly imagine. Igor is very knowledgeable, exceptional professional, with experience in different countries. He works very hard to find best professionals to join the company, supports their progress and training, and never afraid to give a chance to and to teach a young generation. He cares about every patient therefore his decisions are always based on the best interests of the patient. If every member of community feels better after visiting our clinic, what can be better than that to give to your community! Igor is also have been known for his unique sense of humor, which keeps therapists and patients in a good spirit. Always.

Coast Therapy is a big part of community whether it is a charity event, a school event or Terry Fox run. You will always see our faces: running, massaging, taping, helping or just hanging there.

I already described in couple of words a contribution of Coast Therapy to the Tri -Cities community: Taking care of the health of community members; participating in most of community’s events; employing and training young professionals; participating in charity events.