Key Takeaways from CIMC 2016

Last week, I attended the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference co-hosted by Marwick Internet Marking and Jelly Marketing in beautiful Squamish! The two-day conference with jam-packed with a number digital marketing experts. The speakers covered digital marketing theories, best practices, implementation strategies and everything in between. There is far too much to recap in one blog but here are my top 5 highlights from #CIMC2016.

1.      Importance of Landing Pages

The first speaker on the first day blew me out of the water. Oli Gardner, Co-founder of Unbounce gave us an extremely informative and engaging talk on Using a Million Little Pieces of Data to Reverse Engineer the Perfect Landing Page.

Here are some quick takeaways:

·      Learn the clarity equation and USE IT (see slides 28 and 29)

·      Put a CTA (call-to-action) on EVERY page

·      Flip your headlines and sub headlines

·      Be specific in your asks

·      Use directional cues pointing to your CTA

·      Social proof is EVERYTHING

·      Use ‘my’ not ‘your’, use ‘now’, say ‘click here’ not ‘click’


2.       Build Better Websites for Everyone

Tracy Falk and Miriam Thomas from Domain7 opened my eyes to a very obvious issue that’s almost always overlooked. Disabled people use a variety of programs to help them read/see websites and typical web designers don’t make sites ‘easy to read’ for the programs. Below are some easy ways to instantly make your website more accessible.

·      Add alt-tags to your images

·      Create closed captions for your videos

·      Use colour names that make sense

·      Carefully identify your links


3.       Authenticity is Key

The last few seminars I’ve attended have all had the same message: authenticity is key to social media success.  In fact, authenticity is the top quality that attracts customers to a brand. But how do you show authenticity through social platforms!? Thanks to Tyler Douglas from Vision Critical, I now have the HOW.

·      Speak to human experience

·      Share what you believe in

·      Be honest

·      Engage with customers

4.      Influencers

Not only do influencers help your brand showcase authenticity, they show your brand is trustworthy and worthwhile. Scott Johnson from Warner Music Canada sends the message loud and clear that influencers (or brand ambassadors) make a tremendous impact to the success of your brand. Corey Videl from ApprenticeA shares his insight from being an influencer for companies such as Telus and Tim Hortons.

·      “Regular people” are more relatable than a company

·      Influencers build authenticity and trust to your brand

·      Establish long-term relationships with influencers

·      Create a mutual beneficial arrangement between company and influencer

HINT: When looking for an influencer, check out their KLOUT score to see how much influence they really have!


5.       Mobile Devices are Changing the Game

Rebecca Maynes, Content Marketing and Research Manager from Mediative shared some extremely interesting stats with us about Google paid and organic listings. These stats provide great insight into the importance of having effective SEO and SEM strategies.

·      It takes people 87% longer to see an organic listing on mobile

·      Only 63% of people scroll down to organic listings (and only 7.4% scroll below the 4th organic listing)

·      91% of people saw the top paid ad

·      19.2% click on the top 2 paid ads

·      Mobile devices only show ONE listing on the homescreen

What does all of this mean? Make your content relevant, have a strong SEO strategy focusing on mobile SEO, change up your keywords, utilize paid advertising (adwords) and start using retargeting.

Now, get to work!

If some of this (or all of this) sounds like jibberish to you, feel free to shoot me an email and I can break it down for you!


Stephanie Rennie, Communications Coordinator