Brainstorming sessions happen at all different levels, capacities, and types of businesses. They help to facilitate creativity, bonding, and cohesiveness, and, if done right, they have a positive lasting impact on the workplace. The key is to hold a productive and creative brainstorm session. Below are some tips to ensure a successful brainstorm.

  1. Do not evaluate an idea during the creative process. When brainstorming, the idea is to start with quantity not quality. The more ideas, the better.
  1. Have a specific question to be answered during the session and write it down clearly on a whiteboard where everyone can refer back to it. (ex. theme for the benefit)
  1. Start off with a game to get the creative juices flowing. It could be a quick round of pictionary or a 5 minute activity to create a comfortable atmosphere.
  1. Include everyone in the conversation. Start by going around the room and having everyone give an idea as the session takes off. It gives others a chance to voice their opinion without worrying about being interrupted by a “better” idea.
  1. Do individual brainstorming before the session to have a baseline idea of what you want to put forward during the brainstorm.

If you have any other tips or tricks to host a successful brainstorming session, or a game to get the juices flowing, comment below.