One of the things I tell new members when they first join is how helpful it is for them to attend a Member Orientation session within the first 3 months of starting their membership. The sessions run monthly (except August) and run for one hour in the Chamber boardroom. It’s a small group so we spend the first few minutes getting to know each other and speaking about what they hope to gain from their membership.

The last half of the hour involves a presentation that gives a basic overview of the Chamber and all of the benefits that are available with your membership investment. For me personally, it is one of my favourite parts of the job. For those of you who haven’t met me, I am a pretty extroverted personality and I admit that I do love to be the center of attention much of the time. And I am passionate about the Chamber and the opportunities that we give to business owners. Getting the chance to share that with members is just so rewarding.

What’s curious about these sessions is that inevitably there is a kind of synergy in the room that seems to be more than coincidental. Once, we had a Realtor, an architect, an Interior Designer and a contractor/renovator. Yesterday we had a full house with 14 people including 3 separate companies who support Diversity training, awareness and support in the workplace. It is uncanny how often this happens.

I usually end the session by saying that as with all things in life, you get what you put into your membership. We provide the opportunities for you to connect, save money, be involved and have a voice, but it is up to you to take advantage of those opportunities. We don’t do it for you.

These sessions are not just for new members. If you have been a member for awhile and would like a reminder of these opportunities, or if you are thinking about joining and want to know if membership is a good fit, you are welcome. The next Member Orientation will be September 26th 4-5pm, here in our boardroom and it is free.

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