Editorial | Mayors Share Regional Issues at BBQ

Well, summer is over and things are starting to get busy in the local business community. At the municipal
level, the Chamber hosted our annual Mayors BBQ earlier this month. All three cities and both villages that
make up our wonderful community were represented by their mayors.

It was an entertaining night for all who attended. Behind the laughs and banter, a number of issues facing
our community were brought forward. The Fremont Connector – which bridges the emerging community of
Burke Mountain in Coquitlam and the Fremont area of Port Coquitlam with access to the Mary Hill Bypass
and the Lougheed Highway – remains an un-resolved issue at this time. This is an important north/south connection within the region that will need to be built to accommodate the huge growth coming in North-
east Coquitlam.

Belcarra has a major issue with it’s emergency water supply. The city’s current reserve can only hold enough water to fight a fire for around one hour before it is depleted, and the pumping capacity to refill it is not sufficient for the community and its emergency needs. The consequences of this could be disastrous should a major fire break out in this heavily wooded community and spread to the surrounding forest.

Anmore is anticipating a proposal to come to council later this year for development of a 52-acre parcel of property in it’s part of the Ioco Lands. The project would be the largest single development in the village’s history and perhaps bring some retail and commercial space to the area.

It was revealed that Coquitlam does not have a plan at this time to allow retail marijuana stores within the city. But neighbouring Port Coquitlam has a process in place for applications and is awaiting Provincial approval of some of the applications.

Port Moody is dealing with perennial concerns around transportation. There is added density along Clarke and Murray Street with the approval of Westport Village by Barnet Highway, and the rising popularity of Brewers Row and Rocky Point Park as regional tourist spots. All are putting pressure on the already congested roads in Port Moody centre. In conjunction, through traffic is only going to increase along St. John’s Street.

The Chamber’s hope is that all our communities can work together to find that common ground that works for all busineess and residents of the Tri-Cities. We will keep working towards that goal.


Michael Hind, CEO