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Constant Contact is a marketing company that focuses on personalizing and improving email outreach marketing campaigns for businesses that are looking to better connect with their customers. Constant Contact allows users to send emails, newsletters, event announcements, and surveys to their list of contacts instantly, with low rates of bounce back. Through Constant Contact’s sophisticated, yet straightforward editor tool, users are able to make use of different design templates to further enhance their brand within their messages.

Beyond email design, Constant Contact offers a wide range of services that give businesses an edge in their customer campaigns. Their marketing experts host online and local seminars on everything a small business needs to know about expanding their customer base. Related blogs and resources are also available on their website.

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Member benefit: Chamber members receive 10% discounts on Outstand’s subscription services. Outstand also provides special pricing on all of their greeting and post cards. Contact Marc Palud at the email below for more information. Be sure to mention your membership with the Chamber!

Outstand is an online and physical marketing company that has reimagined customer follow up. They offer a multi-faceted customer outreach service that sports the ability to deliver physical and digital messages to a business owner’s entire contact list. The company even offers text message follow up, lowering the rate of unread messages. Businesses can stand to benefit from injecting their brand and personality into the messages they send to their customers. Outstand’s full suite of follow up solutions makes this idea possible.

Outstand also offers analytical services, letting users know which messaging strategies were the most effective in reaching their customer base. Outstand tracks reading rates, opening times, and link follows in order to properly provide their users with the information required to make educated judgements on designing effective marketing strategies.

A 30-day free trial is available on Outstand’s website.

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