Managing a fleet of cars for a business is difficult. Esso, Petro-Canada, and Shell have all teamed up with the Provincial and Federal Chambers of Commerce to make that aspect of business management a little easier. Each company offers a fleet card program that allows business owners to track and limit gas and select diesel purchases through the assignment of fuel cards to their fleet drivers.

Depending on the company, chamber members earn discounts on various gas station services for their company vehicles. Each affiliated company offers flat discounts off the listed pump price at all locations. Supplied below are further details for each individual company.


Member benefit: Members affiliated with the Esso Business Card Program receive savings of 3.5 cents/litre off the posted pump price at any Esso station across Canada. Click the website link below to register.

Owned under the Exxon Mobile Corporation, Esso is a retail fuel and service provider active in over 50 different countries around the world. The company provides varying services at over 900 locations nation-wide. Apart from diesel, gas, and ethanol (where available) vending, customers can shop for basic snacks and necessities in Shell convenience stores. car-wash amenities are also available at select Esso locations.

Joseph Downing
t: 604.807.3939


Member benefit: Users of Petro-Canada’s SuperPass receive a discount of 2 cents/litre on all grades of gas and diesel. A minimum account-wide purchase of 200 litres per month is required to qualify for this deal. Click the website link below to register.

A subsidiary of the Suncor energy company, Petro-Canada is a front-line retailer of gas and diesel fuel, convenience store necessities, and car wash services. It brands itself as “Canada’s Gas Station,” with over 1500 locations across the country. Approximately 240 of these stations support self and automatic carwash facilities. Propane exchanges are also available at most stations, allowing customers to quickly and easily exchange their old tanks for new ones.

Petro-Canada places a lot of focus on their Petro-Points rewards program. By refueling at Petro-Canada stations, customers receive points that can be used for savings on car washes and fuel. Every 1000 points provide $1 of savings. More information can be found here.

Paul Fox
t: 604 929 6107


Member benefit: Using a Shell Fleet Card, Chamber members receive discounts off the pump price for both gas and diesel. Drivers also enjoy up to a 30% discount on car washes, and receive additional AIR MILES® reward miles at participating locations. Click the website link below to register.

Shell is a fuel and car service company with over 1,200 Shell branded retail stations across Canada. Their goal is to reinforce their role as leader in the oil and gas industry while maintaining their efforts to responsibly and environmentally meet rising global energy demands. Shell’s ongoing projects span from coast to coast, including refinery operations in Alberta’s oil sands, and offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean.

As a car service retailer, Shell provides a multitude of different products. Apart from diesel and gas vending, customers can shop for basic snacks and necessities in Shell convenience stores. As well, over 190 Shell stations in Canada host self-serve and automatic car-washing facilities. Accommodations are available for disabled drivers seeking assistance in refueling their cars during regular service hours at all Shell stations.

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