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The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with Peninsula Canada to offer Chamber members preferred rates and a free one-to-one consultation with Doug Perkins, a BDM and Tri-Cities local who knows the hurdles your business faces in the region.

Peninsula is a team of HR and OHS experts who are driven to help small business owners stay compliant while saving them time and money every day. They are dedicated to ensuring your business meets every regulatory requirement so you can focus on your success.

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One-on-One Consulting

Get expert advice on any issue:

  • British Columbia Labour Law
  • Employment Standards Code
  • Emergency Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Severance Pay
  • Statutory Pay
  • Terminations
  • Vacation Pay
  • Working Hours

Meet with Doug Perkins, Peninsula’s expert consultant to go over your business’s needs and review your current employee policies. Doug will help you identify any potential gaps to make your business compliant. He is available for in-person, video conference, or telephone meetings, depending on your preference.

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Peninsula is already helping 4500 businesses across Canada manage the hard work of HR and health & safety.

Their team works to save you time and money every day by taking on the HR and health & safety of your business. They’ll ensure your contracts, policies, handbooks, and everything other HR-related matters are up to standard so you can focus on what matters – the success and daily management of your business.

Their team also offers 24/7 free advice that you can phone anytime with questions, concerns, or advice when you’re dealing with any employment relations, HR, or OHS matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Peninsula do?
Peninsula assists small and medium sized businesses with their HR and health & safety programs to ensure compliance with legislation and employment law while helping them achieve their version of success.

What services does Peninsula provide?
Peninsula provides contract & documentation creation/revision, unlimited 24- hour HR advice, health & safety compliance, online employee management tools/software and legal protection through Peninsula Protect.

What is the average business size of a Peninsula client?
Peninsula serves small and medium sized business. Our clients range from employing as few as three workers to over one hundred.

What is Peninsula’s pricing model?
Ontario Dental Association members have access to preferred pricing. This pricing is a monthly model for all our clients.

Are the contracts and all other documents templated or custom?
All documents and plans are custom tailored to your specific businesses needs.
What OHS training must every employee in BC complete, as mandated by the Employment Standards Act?
  • Violence and harassment
*Any other job-specific health & safety training must be provided by the employer.

Who pays for PPE?
Even though legislation obligates employers to provide PPE, the word “provide” is not defined. As such, it does not necessarily mean the employer must pay for PPE. Different jurisdictions have different rules on what the employer needs to do. Generally, the employer provides, at no cost to the employee, any specialized PPE the worker would not normally be using on a day-to-day basis.

Who needs to have a JHSC and who needs a HSR?
  • Employers with 6 to 19 staff need a Health & Safety Representative (HSR)
  • Employers with over 20 plus employees need Joint Health & Safety Committee

Do I NEED a health & safety program?
Every business should have a health & safety program regardless of the number of employees. This is because a health & safety program can prevent incidents and injuries. The employer is legally required to protect the health & safety of all its workers, regardless of the number of employees it has. We recommend every business implement an OHS program as it’s the best way to protect the health & safety of all workers in the long term.

What can an employer do if an employee refuses to do a job?
Employees are given the right to refuse any work they believe is unsafe.
How long is the maternity leave? Do I have to pay the EE, e.g., top-up?
  • Between maternity leave and parental leave, the job-protected time is 18 months.
  • If the employer approves additional time, then it would be unpaid. After the 18 months it changes to an unpaid leave of absence.
  • Top-ups are an option that employers can offer with some limitations.

What are regular hours of work for Full-Time employees? When does OT start?
ON: For most employees, whether they work full-time, part-time, are students, temporary help agency assignment employees, or casual workers, overtime begins after they have worked 44 hours in a workweek. After 44 hours of work, they must be paid at the overtime pay rate. For an employee to work more than 8 hours in a day, they must first sign off and agree to do so

An employee was laid off in March and will return to work in October. What happens to their vacation?
The period of employment is not affected by inactive periods of employment such as leaves or lay-offs. Vacation time entitlement would continue while on leave. Including EEs coming back from COVID -19 related layoffs.

When do I know that I have done enough to accommodate an employee?
When having to accommodate an employee is best practice to ask for a medical note, so you understand exactly what is required. Qualifying for undue hardship is very difficult, often taking a long time and many resources to prove.

Can I terminate an employee right after a leave or while on leave?
  • Technically, yes. If the termination has nothing to do with the employee being on leave. For example, a company has sold that section of the business, or if the role is no longer available. But you will want to make sure there is nothing comparable for the employee to do before terminating their employment.
  • If the termination is because you like the replacement more, then it is not recommended to dismiss the employee. If you do so you will have a very hard time proving your case if this termination is disputed.

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