Mystery Shopping


Member benefit: Competitactics’ Mystery Shopping program is available at a discount to members of the Chamber. Contact Jim Davidson for more information.

Competitactics is a consulting firm that aims to provide businesses with the information they need in order to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently. One main focus of the company is on gauging and compiling information on customer satisfaction. Through their Canada-wide Mystery Shopper program, Competitactics is able to assist local businesses in doing just that.

A mystery shopper makes their way through a given store, shopping as any customer would. Upon exiting, they fill out a detailed criteria sheet pertaining to their experience. Competitactics then provides the host business with a comprehensive, honest report on their performance in the review. The point of utilizing a mystery shopper is to gain an understanding of the customer experience within a store. In doing this, said store can understand any improvements that could be made to increase customer retention.

Competitactics provides a valuable advantage for any type of member business, whether they are a traditional retailer or a non-profit organization.

Jim Davidson
t: 1.877.447.5189

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