Hassle-Free Shipping Is Here.
Shipping isn’t fun, and it’s getting more expensive. That’s why we’ve partnered with FREIGHTCOM — to ensure you and your members have access to the tools you need to succeed; hassle-free and at a low cost.

FREIGHTCOM allows you to compare rates from a variety of trusted couriers before making a decision on the shipping solution that works best for you. You can take advantage of this program in two ways.



Member benefit: Chamber members receive 25%+ volume discounts on Express and Ground shipping services. Click the website link below to get started.

Purolator is an international shipping, freight and logistics solutions provider with operations across Canada and the United States. Their size and scale of operations allow customers to enjoy ease-of-access and affordability in all of their shipping needs.

Purolator manages each portion of the supply chain, including border crossing, warehousing, transporting, and return handling. Quick guides are available online with more information about the process. From a small business looking to ship locally to their customers, to a larger company considering exporting their product to the United States, Purolator remains an effective option for shipping and receiving.



Member Benefit: For small packages, members save 40% on all shipments into, across, and out of Canada. Members also receive 30% off brokerage fees. Automatic and daily pickup services are free. 100% waivers are available upon shipping to any UPS Access Point Location Service within Canada. Members also receive a 75%+ discount on all freight shipments over 150 lbs. As well, UPS covers all border crossings between NAFTA countries. Click the website link below to register.

The United Parcel Service (UPS) was created in 1907 as a small messenger company based out of the United States. It has since grown into a multi-billion dollar, international business dealing in express carrier and package delivery services in over 200 different countries worldwide.

Apart from physical delivery, UPS also deals in logistics and e-commerce. Through their advanced tracking system, UPS offers ease-of-mind; UPS customers can easily track shipments from their computers and mobile devices, with customer support easily available if anything appears out of the ordinary throughout the delivery process.

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t: 1.800.MEMBERS ext. 2458

UPS Store

Member Benefit: With a free Get More Rewards Card, Chamber members save 10% on printing, mailbox rentals, packaging, and UPS shipping. They also earn additional Aeroplan miles on every transaction. Click the website link below to register

Apart from small package shipping, the UPS Store provides businesses with printing and mailbox rental services. UPS Store printing can handle everything from business cards to restaurant menus, allowing just about any type of business to find value in what they provide. On the other end, mailbox rentals provide home and mobile business owners with a professional-looking storefront and address. Business owners can also rest easy, knowing that all deliveries to their UPS Store mailbox will be accepted.

Basically, the UPS Store acts as an all-in-one handler of goods from inception to delivery. This allows small business owners to focus on the more pressing aspects of company management, saving time and resources.

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t: 905.338.9754

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