Evolve Collaboration

Member benefit: Members of the Chamber receive discounted rates on Audio Conferencing, Web Collaboration, and Webinars. As well, all members have exclusive access to an Evolve Collaboration expert who will guide and train businesses in using effective conferencing techniques. Click the website link below to register.

Evolve Collaboration is a conferencing provider that assists businesses in handling meetings through a variety of electronic mediums. Created in 2011 by award-winning entrepreneurs, Evolve Collaboration has quickly been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada.

Depending on the needs of a business, Evolve Collaboration offers teleconferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing, and webcasting for online meetings. They also provide the online infrastructure necessary for scheduling conferences, contacting participants, and purchasing audio/video equipment. Project support teams are readily available to assist companies in making sure that their conferences run smoothly. Public rooms are available for rent through the company if users do not have a private room suitable for video communications.

Lauren Hagen
t: 1.855.253.4780
w: www.evolvecollaboration.com/productsandservices

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