Policy Alert  Your business, your money  Recycling regulations could cost you a bundle

Multi Material BC (MMBC)  is a stewardship agency charged with implementing a recycling program that shifts the cost of recycling from taxpayers to businesses.

MMBC legislation comes into effect May 19th, 2014. Businesses that produce packaging or printed paper (PPP) that reaches the residential waste stream will need to submit a letter of intent to join MMBC or submit their own stewardship program.


Businesses in the MMBC program will be charged based on the amount of PPP they distribute to consumers, amounting to an estimated $110 million per year. MMBC plans to use this money to run its collection services or to compensate municipalities who opt-in to the program but continue their own collection services.


The BC Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with local Chambers, has consistently raised concern about MMBC. The BC Chamber does not endorse MMBC but supports changes to the regulation that removes approximately 27,000 PPP producer businesses from the program.


The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce is in open communication with the BC Chamber about the impact this will have on local businesses. We are actively working with our members affected by MMBC to voice their concerns and discuss solutions that we can advocate to government.

If you have concerns regarding the impact MMBC will have on your business, contact our Public Policy Advisor, Aaron Robinson, at