Our Support Local Programs

We are strong advocates of the importance of supporting local and, in an effort to keep our community thriving together, the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce has a number of programs in place to support local Tri-Cities businesses.

Through various support local initiatives, we work towards educating, encouraging, and motivating members of our community to dine, shop, and support the local establishments within the Tri-Cities.

Our current programs are listed below:

If you have any ideas for new initiatives, inquiries about our current program, or you’d just like to get involved, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact Christina, our Programs Coordinator.

Why Support Local?

Shopping local means supporting our local neighbours and their businesses. It’s about giving our appreciation to local businesses for making our community unique.

Did you know that local businesses impact a community by:

  • Supporting local sports teams, events, and charities
  • Increasing city revenue by paying taxes, resulting in improved roads and schools
  • Reducing unemployment by providing jobs to our community
  • Creating a unique community identity
  • Creating competition which gives us better products and services.

Shopping local is not just about the local economy, it’s about the people who make the Tri-Cities a thriving community!

Ways to Support Local

As a member of our Tri-Cities community, make the decision to spend your dollars locally and contribute towards our local economy. Local businesses donate 24X more per dollar earned to local charities than multinationals!

The next time you’re deciding on where to eat, what store to shop from, or where to purchase a gift from, think local first.

But that’s not all! Go beyond financial support and show our local businesses some love with your actions, time, and words, because when we support local businesses, we all win.

Here is a list of creative ways you can support local businesses:

  • Like, comment, and share their social media posts
  • Engage with the business on social media and make your own posts
  • Leave a positive review on Google, Yelp, or their social media page(s)
  • Word of mouth has a large impact. Tell a friend or relative about a local business you love
  • Purchase gift cards from a local business to gift to friends