Meet Our Program Sponsor –
Scotiabank Women Initiative

The Scotiabank Women Initiative is a comprehensive program helping women take their businesses to the next level, through Access to Capital, Mentorship, and Education.

Prior to their launch in December 2018, Scotiabank consulted with clients, researchers, and academics to better understand the challenges women business leaders face.

Scotiabank’s goal has always been to help build the economy of everyone, including women-led businesses. New and evolving research has shown that an opportunity exists to serve and support women-led businesses in a way that addresses the unique challenges they face. The program aims to help Scotiabank better understand and serve women business leaders, and be a valued partner in their success. We strongly believe that the three pillars of The Scotiabank Women Initiative – Access to Capital, Mentorship, and Education – will deliver meaningful, long-term support to women-led businesses.

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