Throughout the year, the Tri-Cities Young Professionals (TCYP) Program hosts a number of educational, networking, and philanthropic events, providing our members with numerous opportunities for personal and professional development.

In addition to planning events, the TCYP Program also has ongoing clubs with regular meetings, for those with shared interests.

Signature Events

TCYP Soirée
Each year, the TCYP Program hosts an exclusive evening of celebration as we commemorate outstanding young Tri-Cities professionals with our Top to Watch awards.

Our annual Soirée event provides TCYPers with the opportunity to build authentic relationships with fellow young professionals and connect with key stakeholders within the Tri-Cities community.

Featuring delicious canapés, live entertainment and music, dancing, along with a few exciting surprises, our TCYP Soirée is an exciting event that TCYPers won’t want to miss.

TCYP Tournaments

TCYP also hosts annual curling and softball tournaments for our members to get active and show off their competitive side in a fun and friendly environment.

Unlike our more formal events, these tournaments enable TCYPers to build relationships and form bonds in a casual and laid back setting. If you’re not someone that enjoys attending formal or structured networking events and galas, our annual tournaments would be perfect for you!

TCYP Clubs

Currently, the TCYP has a Book Club, with regular meetings, and a new Investment Club which will be launching soon.

TCYP Book Club

The TCYP Book Club meets every two months and allows for interested TCYPers to engage with a small group of their peers to share ideas and insights in an intimate setting.

At each Book Club event, a new book will be chosen by the group to focus on for the following meeting.

We cycle through books that focused on:

  • Business Development
  • Personal Development & Self Help
  • Role Models & Leaders

If you’re an avid reader, consider connecting with fellow young professionals on a deeper level by joining our TCYP Book Club. Meetings take place on select Thursday mornings at C Market Coffee in Coquitlam.

TCYP Investment Club

The TCYP Investment Club is an educational club that will allow you to learn from an experienced financial advisor and collaborate with emerging leaders and young self-starters in the Tri-Cities business community. Whether you are looking to learn about investing or simply want to join a network of like-minded professionals, the TCYP Investment Club is for you.

Upcoming Events

Previous Events

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