Top to Watch Winners

Congratulations to the following members for making seismic waves in their respective industries.

2019 Winners

Caitey Gilchrist
Caitey Gilchrist Creative

If you were to ask for her vision, it would be a world where freedom is the default, not just the dream. This is what Caitey work towards every day in her business, and she believes the key to getting there is embracing authenticity. Everything that she does, teaches, and provides is in service of helping entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners create their best lives by embracing their most powerful asset: themselves. She is dedicated to connecting human beings to their passion, purpose and people, and showing them that they are enough. This is the message that she is carrying, and every day, it gets a little further out into the world. It hasn’t been easy! She’s had to adapt, grow, step into terrifying situations and prevail against all odds to get this far. She lives by the mantra “feel the fear and do it anyway”. It’s how she’s gone from being paralyzed by social anxiety and depression to speaking professionally, doing weekly live videos, and building a business has tripled in capacity and grown to be 94% referral based in the last year. Learn more about Caitey and Caitey Gilchrist Creative here.


Jessica Morisson
Squish Juicery

Squish Juicery is an interest turned into a passion, turned into a business. Owners Jessica & Callan’s goal was to be the first retail front cold-pressed juicery in the Tri-Cities, which they achieved when we opened our doors on December 1, 2018. Having grown up in the Tri-Cities, we knew we wanted to bring the vibe of a business that you can find everywhere in Vancouver and North Vancouver and share it with our amazing community. Since opening our doors,  Jessica has found a voice in sharing her over 20 year-long personal health struggles with disordered eating and my successes with our community. She puts her heart and soul into quality products with superior flavours and nutritional value and believes that juicing should be a joyful and enjoyable experience for everyone. It is her goal and vision that everyone who walks through Squish Juicery’s doors feels like family and that we have their best interests at heart. Learn more about Jessica and Squish Juicery here.


Yasaman Madanikia 
Expressions Counselling

Expressions Counselling empowers its clients to create positive change, one session at a time. Since Yasaman has launched her business in 2018, she has opened multiple locations, quadrupled her revenue and increased the size of her client base by more than 5 times. As the founder of the business, she is honoured to help dozens of clients every week to overcome their mental health challenges. She has created jobs and internship opportunities by hiring counsellors and practicum students. Very few counselling business owners have grown their business, team and client base at such an exponential rate during a short period of time. This is specifically significant since she has had no prior experience in setting or managing a business. Furthermore, she has taken various leadership roles in my community and have given back to my industry through collaboration and education. Her thirst for continuous learning and professional development led me to surround herself with business and counselling experts who guided and inspired her to the fulfilling success that she is currently experiencing.  Learn more about Yasaman and Expressions Counselling here.

2018 Winners

Brad West
Port Coquitlam City Councillor

In a space that is dominated by older seasoned politicians, Brad West has distinguished himself as the youngest elected official in Port Coquitlam’s history. In 2008, he was elected to City Council at 23 years of age and have been re-elected in 2011 and 2014 receiving the most votes of all candidates each time. For the majority of that time, he has chaired the city’s Smart Growth Committee, leading the city’s planning and development process at a time when PoCo has undergone tremendous growth and change. In Port Coquitlam and the Tri-Cities region, he has emerged as a leader on the most consequential issues that our communities are grappling with and is widely acknowledged by colleagues as a driving force and one of the most influential members of City Council. This work has led him to announce his candidacy for Mayor of Port Coquitlam. He is running with the support of every other member of Council and, if elected, will be the youngest Mayor in PoCo’s history and will be the youngest Mayor in the Metro Vancouver region.


Dharinee Bhatt
Natu’oil Services Inc

At the age of 27, Dharinee Bhatt has been allocated responsibility to spearhead four companies across the globe under a holding company, where Natu’oil Services is the headquarters. She is currently the Vice President of Operations for Natu’oil Services Inc. and experienced in managing day-to-day operations and implementing performance evaluations of the organization with the help of the board to ensure that the business is effective and remains true to its mission and objectives. She takes a vision and makes it a reality through sound strategy development. She intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through an organization, bringing them together into a coherent whole, while helping others extend their thinking, and drive material business advantage.


Georgiy Sekretaryuk
Nero Jewelry

Georgiy Sekretaryuk began his professional career only two years ago. When he was 18 years old he started working on Cering (that has now evolved into Nero), which is a smart jewelry line that lets people call for help at the tap of the button. That has been the focus of his career thus far. Very quickly he had to learn how to develop a smart jewelry product, from design to manufacturing, and pivot many times along the way as the feedback for the product adjusted the features. He had the responsibility of figuring where to take the company and what the proper next step would be, and ultimately, in less than two years, the work we did has lead to the company being featured by the BC Business magazine, CBC, Tri-City News, SFU, and earlier this year I have received the Top 25 Under 25 award from the Surrey Board of Trade.


Paige Petriw
Spotlight Events

Paige Petriw started her event planning company as a side hustle when she was 23 years old, and in 6 years has grown it into a fulltime operation with a team of 3 lead event planners and a roster of on-call assistants. As a professional, she is well-respected in the Tri-Cities community, and has a high profile reputation in the Vancouver wedding and event industry, having been awarded one of the top 3 best wedding planners in BC. She’s been featured in several online and print publications as an expert in my field, including Real Weddings Magazine and Western Living Condo. Having recently become a mother, she’s shifting into a Director role with the goal of continuing to grow the business while balancing motherhood. As the Owner/Director she supports a team of 2 event planners managing event contracts and taking on a limited number of contracts herself. Additionally, she is developing an innovative digital wedding planning e-service to be sold as a package online. 


Paul Choi
Juris Notary

Paul Choi has set up his own practice and grew it quickly in the last 2 years. He has grown the practice in 2 years to surpass many practices in the area that has been operating for over 20 years in its volume and became the first Korean notary practice to open an office in Abbotsford, making it more convenient to serve clients in Fraser Valley. He focuses on online marketing and younger clients to provide non-contentious legal services in a comfortable and approachable manner. His next goal within 5 years is to open more offices in Vancouver and Surrey area. Additionally, he focuses on his practice in Real Estate Law, Business Law and Estates Law. He is planning to expand the services that I provide into Arbitration/Mediation and immigration, with more associates and staff.