As the voice of business in the Tri-Cities, our policy committee balances grassroots engagement with the strategic priorities set out by our Board of Directors. The issues our Policy Committee take on are related to municipal governments, economic development initiatives of the municipalities within the jurisdiction of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce and makes recommendations on public policy positions related to those issues. The Committee supports the values of the Chamber through LEADERSHIP, SERVICE EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, and INNOVATION

We take great pride in the prominent role we play in policy development within the Chamber movement.  We are a member of the BC Chamber of Commerce, which represents the interests and concerns of Chambers and businesses across the province, as well as the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, which speaks for more than 175,000 businesses on national and international issues.

The BC Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce have the ears of the provincial and federal governments. In turn, senior levels of government look to the Chamber community for leadership and innovation in a broad range of policy areas. We are very active in policy development both provincially and federally, and always represent the concerns and issues faced by the Tri-Cities’ business community.


The Voice of Business

One of our pillars at the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce is to advocate for economic and business development at the municipal, regional, provincial, and federal levels. As the largest business organization in the Tri-Cities, we have the opportunity to create real change on all of these scales for our members.

Outlined below are some of our most recent advocacy efforts aimed at different levels of government. This infographic was created to show our members that we as a Chamber are fighting for your interests every day. Detailed in the infographic are two success stories, and one effort that we are still advocating for today. On the next page, you can read about each issue in further detail.

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