Advocating for You

We take great pride in the prominent role we play in policy development within the Chamber movement. Senior levels of government look to the Chamber community for leadership and innovation in a broad range of policy areas. We are very active in policy development municipally, provincially, and federally, and always represent the concerns and issues faced by the Tri-Cities’ business community. We are the voice of business in the Tri-Cities. Below are a number of issues the Tri-Cities Chamber has advocated on in the past.






Electoral Reform Referendum

  • Chamber releases an Issue Notice with information on the Referendum. Read More
  • Chamber hosts panel discussion between pro-PR and pro-FPTP groups. Read More
  • Chamber issues statement on referendum results. Read More

Employer Health Tax

  • Chamber releases updated EHT Backgrounder. Read More
  • Chamber adds a recommendation to, and endorses, a BC Chamber policy resolution to scrap the EHT. The resolution also contains amendment recommendations if the EHT is not scrapped. Read More
  • Chamber hosts BC Minister of Finance Carole James. Read More

Commercial Property Tax Spikes

  • Chamber sends letter to our local MLA, Minister of Housing and Municipal Affairs Selina Robinson, asking for assistance with commercial property tax spikes in the Austin Heights neighbourhood of Coquitlam.
  • The Chamber shares a package of recommendations with the B.C. Small Business Task Force (SBTF) under the Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology, which includes a recommendation to investigate the feasibility of split assessments for commercial properties. See here for SBTF engagement summary paper delivered to the Minister.
  • Chamber supports a BC Chamber resolution that offers recommendations do deal with commercial property tax spikes. Read More

Cannabis Industry in the Tri-Cities

  • Chamber hosts a Cannabis Panel as part of its 2018 Economic Summit. For event details, including speakers, click here. For Tri-City news coverage of the event, click here.

Employment Standards Act

  • Chamber hosts BC Minister of Labour Harry Bains for roundtable discussion. Read More.
  • Chamber sends letter submission sharing members’ concerns with changes to sick leave and statutory holiday laws.
  • Chamber hosts B.C. Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson and MLA for Coquitlam – Burke Mountain Joan Isaacs for a round table discussion. Read More.
  • Chamber shares a template letter that businesses can use to share their concerns with changes to sick leave and statutory holiday pay eligibility. The letter is shared widely around the province, including by the BC Chamber of Commerce. Read More.

Minimum Wage

  • The Chamber endorses a BC Chamber resolution calling for more stable and predictable minimum wage increases by pegging them Consumer Price Index. Read More


Renewing Riverview


Bailey Bridge

  • Chamber applauds TransLink for keeping New West trucking routes open. Read more
  • Chamber Policy Update: Bridges and Rivers. Read more
  • Chamber pleased with Province’s involvement in bailey bridge solution. Read more
  • Chamber pleased with arbitrator’s decision on bailey bridge. Read more

Bylaw 280

  • Bylaw 280 damaging to business in Metro Vancouver. Read more
  • Tri-Cities Chamber votes for reforms to local government, waste management and Property Transfer Tax. Read more

Evergreen Line

Fraser River

  • Chamber supports report focused on economic importance and risks of Fraser River. Read more
  • Chamber Policy Update: Bridges and Rivers. Read more

Mayors Council Transportation Plan

  • Chamber applauds Mayors’ Council Regional Transportation Plan for Lower Mainland. Read more
  • Tri-Cities Chamber supports Better Transit & Transportation Coalition & Mayors Council referendum question. Read more


  • Chambers Welcomes Changes to Recycling Regulations. Read more
  • Policy Alert: Your Business, Your Money. Recycling Regulations Could Cost You a Bundle. Read more

Transmountain Pipeline

  • BC Chamber responds to Kinder Morgan decision to suspend activity on Trans Mountain expansion project. Read more
  • Chamber welcomes Kinder Morgan President as keynote speaker. Read more


Future of the Riverview Lands

Tri-Cities Intermunicipal Business License

2005 – 2007

Preservation of Riverview Lands for Mental Health & Wellness

Fast-Tracking Foreign Credential Recognition

Revisions to Property Transfer Tax

Elimination of PST on Legal Services

If you would like more information on any of the above policies or our current advocacy efforts, please email Alex King, Public Policy Advisor at .