International Trade

Import/Export Guide

As you run your business, you may find it necessary or beneficial to begin importing and exporting goods across national borders. For entrepreneurs who are inexperienced in the realm of international trade, however, this task may seem intimidating. While it’s true that there are many different rules and regulations you have to follow to trade legally, there are also just as many resources available to help you through each one.

The BC provincial government has an online guide that neatly combines Small Business BC’s free resources on importing and exporting. To download the PDF in a new tab, click here.

Tools for Trade

If your business has a membership with any Chamber of Commerce in Canada, then it will be eligible to receive advisory assistance from the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) through Tools for Trade. Distributed across Canada and abroad, Canadian trade commissioners are available to help businesses navigate the complexities of international markets. Run by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Trade Commissioner Service provides information on exporting goods from Canada, investing in Canada, finding relevant education opportunities, and connecting with international innovators.

For businesses looking to expand internationally, the TCS can provide assistance in assessing and improving their ability to compete internationally. They help companies in finding target markets, developing business strategies, and collecting valuable industry information. By maintaining a working relationship with their local trade commissioner, companies going international receive a major edge over their competition. For more information, click here.