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Applications for the Use of Outdoor Business Spaces

As the temperature grows warmer and to aid with economic recovery from the pandemic, businesses are encouraged to expand their services outside.

In light of the challenges that businesses have faced, and to support businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19, the cities of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody have put programs in place to help businesses that wish to expand their capacity or retail space outdoors.

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Coquitlam – Temporary Outdoor Business Spaces Program

The Temporary Outdoor Business Spaces program, put forward by the city of Coquitlam, provides a new process for processing the applications of business owners who wish to expand their outdoor business space.

Initially launched in 2020 to provide more space for physical distancing, the program still remains in place in 2021.

This program provides a simple expedited process for businesses to expand outdoors into their own property or adjacent public rights-of-way – including sidewalks or curbside parking stalls – for various uses such as:

  • Restaurant or table seating
  • Merchant displays (e.g. clothing racks, outdoor tables, etc.
  • Pick-up or drop-off kiosk or customer queuing
  • Checkout areas and kiosks

The program’s simplified application process fast-tracks the approval process and suspends a number of typical requirements, such as building permits, site review, and business licence amendments.

Applications are submitted and tracked online, with approval typically taking two business days for completed application packages with simple activation.

Those who received permits in 2020 will not need to reapply in 2021

Learn more about the program and how to apply by:

Port Coquitlam – Biz Hub

Biz Hub brings together all the city of Port Coquitlam services that you would need to start and operate a business, develop a property, or build, in Port Coquitlam.

To help businesses meet physical distancing and other COVID-19 health protocols, the City has a “one-stop-shop” program and approval process for the use of outdoor spaces by businesses while waiving application, security, and other fees until the end of the year.

Under this program, which has been extended to October 2021, businesses will be able to apply for permission to use streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and other outdoor spaces for uses such as patios, lineups, and product displays.

Learn more about the program and how to apply by:

Port Moody – Temporary Assistance Program for Businesses

To support businesses that have been challenged by the impact of COVID-19, the City of Port Moody, developed the COVID-19 Temporary Assistance Program for Businesses.

Put together with a special focus on options for temporarily expanding the use of outdoor spaces, the City will consider proposals from Port Moody businesses that require:

  • Temporary relaxations to onsite parking requirements to allow uses such as queuing and patios
  • Consideration of closing street parking to accommodate other uses
  • Temporary use of City-owned spaces, such as parking lots and sidewalks, provided sufficient pedestrian and cycling access is maintained
  • Use of the City’s new Parklet Program (parklets are temporary spaces built on public land where people can sit, relax, and enjoy their surroundings)

Through this program, the City will work with you to guide you through the appropriate permitting processes as quickly as possible so you can focus on the recovery of your business.

Any permits issued through this program will be valid until October 31, 2021.

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