BSAFE Program

A new COVID-19 safety certificate program was launched by the BC Government, for workers in the hospitality and tourism sectors, to increase consumer confidence as businesses start to return to more normal operations in accordance with BC’s Restart plan.

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What is the BSAFE Program?

BSAFE is a new and FREE online health and safety training program designed to ensure foundational health and safety knowledge in BC’s tourism and hospitality businesses to keep everyone safe as we move through the COVID-19 pandemic. BSAFE stands for BC Safety Assured For Everyone.

Leaders in the tourism and hospitality sectors were engaged during the development stage to ensure the program is practical and effective for employees, and the Province has worked with go2HR to develop and deliver the BSAFE program.

Program Goals

The program’s goals consists of the following:

  • Ensure foundational health and safety knowledge across BC tourism and hospitality industry to increased worker, guest and community confidence during recovery.
  • Provide external visibility to BC tourism and hospitality employers participating in the program

Program Delivery

BSAFE will be delivered in the following format:

  • Asynchronous, online course
  • An interactive learning environment that is relevant for tourism and hospitality businesses across the province
  • 60-90 minutes in duration
  • A multiple-choice test will verify the learner’s knowledge, and a personalized downloadable certificate will be available if the standard is achieved.

Businesses and Earning the BSAFE Trained Business Certificate

Employers who have 75% of their workforce successfully complete the training course, will be recognized with a “BSAFE trained” certificate. They can use this certificate in different ways to demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe environment for guests and workers, thereby increasing consumer confidence.

Here’s how it works:

  • Once an employer has 75% of their workforce trained on BSAFE, go2HR will send the organization an email with the “BSAFE trained” certificate, logo files and logo use guide, as well as suggested communication tactics.
  • Go2HR will have a separate page on our website to list the businesses and showcase their training success.
  • Businesses may be profiled on go2HR social media platforms or other communication channels.

What Will the Program Cover?

BSAFE course participants will be trained to:

  • Understand COVID-19 primary modes of transmission, high-risk areas/activities and the importance of consistent application of controls and measures.
  • Be able to resolve conflict situations arising from non-compliance of safety protocols by guests, coworkers and employers.
  • Identify where to access relevant public health information and best practices for their workplace and community.
  • Communicate personal responsibilities in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and maintaining a safe environment.
  • Identify employer and employee responsibilities in ensuring a safe work environment during the pandemic, as well as principles to carry forward into the post-pandemic environment.
  • Explain the importance of empathy – the positive impact of respectful behaviour, tolerance and understanding toward others.
  • Demonstrate high-quality safety standards that show a venue is safe.

Program Modules

The program is comprised of five modules that cover a variety of topics to provide a foundational understanding of COVID-19 health and safety protocols as well as tips on handling non-compliance. The five modules are as follows:

  • Module 1 – Understanding the Legal Context for COVID-19
  • Module 2 – Keep Yourself and Others Safe
  • Module 3 – Keeping Records
  • Module 4 – Communicating Effectively with Your Team and Guests
  • Module 5 – Responding to Challenging Interactions (Scenarios)

Registration Information

BSAFE is accessible to both individual workers and employers to incorporate into their corporate training activities. While BSAFE is open to all businesses, the program was specifically designed for the tourism and hospitality industry.

Registration Information for Employers

Employers can register their company to deliver BSAFE as a workplace training initiative.

Once registered, the business would receive an enrollment code that they can share with their designed staff.  Staff who use this enrolment code are tagged to the business and completions can be tracked.

Register your business for BSAFE here.

Registration Information for Individual Workers

Individual workers can register, take the course and receive a certificate upon completion. This certificate can be used to demonstrate their knowledge with future employers.