Small Business Resiliency Resources

The BC Chamber of Commerce has put together a live resource to support businesses across the province as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic on their road to recovery.

BC Chamber’s Resource Guide for Small Business Resiliency

In partnership with the provincial government’s Sector Labour Market Partnership Program (SLMP) and funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training, the Resource Guide for Small Business Resiliency has been created with information collected in focus groups and from consultations with different sectors and industries from all economic regions across British Columbia.

The BC Chamber’s Resource Guide for Small Business Resiliency will help businesses address workforce and workplace planning and related operational challenges caused by COVID-19.

Resources outlined in the guide tackle all aspects of pandemic recovery including:

  • Health & Safety
  • Government programming
  • Sector-specific initiatives
  • Legal and regulatory requirements
  • How to reopen, maintain, pivot, or expand your business; and
  • Additional small business tools

Download the Resource Guide for Small Business Resiliency to help your business navigate the broad mix of available resources in a clear and efficient way.

To address the regionally specific needs of businesses, and in partnership with the BC Chamber network, the SLMP program is supporting the completion of an additional seven comprehensive region-specific resource guides that will launch in summer 2021. Visit the BC Chamber’s website for full details.