Ryan Jamieson

Director, 2022 Board of Directors

Director, Services and Facilities, Coquitlam Public Library


Calling Coquitlam home for more than 10 years now, Ryan Jamieson has built a reputation of deploying an open, honest, and participative style while managing through a wide variety of sectors over 20 years. He is passionate about creating welcoming, inclusive communities, helping people and organizations develop and expand lasting connections, and supporting future-focussed conversations around strategies and goals. Ryan believes strongly that inclusivity, collaboration, and education drive sustainability and success for all members of a community.

He has put these passions into practice in both public and private organizations, in BC and abroad. Ryan spent 5 years in South Korea before returning to Vancouver and completing his Master of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University. Following his MBA, he joined Community Living BC in 2010. For almost 10 years, he sat on over 40 working groups and task forces with a wide variety of stakeholders ― from government ministries to community groups and private organizations. These groups tackled topics ranging from improving access to services, to analyzing data and trends, developing practices and policies, and working towards vibrant and inclusive business communities.

Ryan is currently Director of Services & Facilities for the Coquitlam Public Library, and is actively enhancing the relationships that the Library has with its many stakeholders. Upon joining the Library in 2020, Ryan quickly became engaged in the Chamber of Commerce, becoming a part of the Chamber’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, where he continues to support the Chamber in taking a holistic approach to all aspects of its business.