Ryan Peterson, Finger Food Studios

Finalist: Business Leader of the Year

Ryan Peterson is Finger Food’s rocket fuel (flammable, combustible, but put him in a rocket and away we go). Ryan is a genuine, self-aware, inspiring, confident and bold leader who does not dictate but invites Finger Food employees to join him on the eve journey, to push themselves toward excellence, and then that little bit farther to elite performance.

In the face of massive company growth and success, he remains humble and hungry seeking to do great work, create jobs and have a positive impact on the local and global community and economy, advocating for the technology sector and education for future generations.

He also dedicates much of his time to sharing insights and inspiring other business leaders by speaking at a range of events including: Microsoft Ignite, BC Tech Summit, Wavefront, IS+T Conference, BC Economic Commission and more.

Leading Finger Food to become Carbon Positive & give back to local community through ongoing commitment to supporting and enabling coding education initiatives.

Speaking at events around North America to inspire other business leaders about the future of technology and industry.Leading Finger Food on its continued growth path and inspiring excellence and elite performance through investment in team growth, communication and activities to equip the Finger Food staff to be their best.

Under Ryan’s leadership as CEO of Finger Food, the company has grown to three locations and a global customer base, bringing clients like Cirque du Soleil, MEC, PACCAR, Enbridge, and more to the Tri-Cities. Finger Food has created over 150 high-tech jobs in the Tri-Cities area and is committed to continually fostering and building the local tech industry through contributions to local schools (Sphero Edu donations across Burnaby, Vancouver and the Tri-Cities) and promoting coding initiatives across BC. In addition, Ryan is an advocate for sustainability and climate action in BC and working to promote carbon positive initiatives.