Celebrating Small Business Week

Every October, the Tri-Cities Chamber celebrates Small Business Week — an annual celebration of entrepreneurship organized by the Business Development Bank of Canada. Providing us with an invaluable opportunity to celebrate and pay tribute to Canada’s entrepreneurs, who contribute so much to our communities, Small Business Week is taking place this year from October 17 – 23, 2021.

Whether it’s by supplying goods and services, providing well-paying local jobs, or paying fees and taxes that support our communities, Canada’s entrepreneurs give back to their communities in countless ways while bringing energy and vibrancy to our neighbourhoods.

With local businesses needing our support now more than ever before — due to the unprecedented challenges related to COVID-19 — we encourage members of our community to challenge themselves to shop locally during Small Business Week and beyond.

In a year of hardships, small businesses deserve to be recognized and praised for continuing to keep us safe and remain open throughout the pandemic. Join us in celebrating and supporting the small businesses that form the backbone of our Tri-Cities community and keeping our business community strong!

Discover Local Business Stories

Behind every local small business, there is a real person with a story worth knowing.

To celebrate Small Business Week, and as a part of our TD Business Spotlights initiative, we’re featuring five local businesses and sharing their unique stories with the Tri-Cities community.


Browse Our Selection of Essential Resources for Small Businesses

With the goal of providing our members with an extensive range of relevant and useful materials, the Tri-Cities Chamber Resource Library aims to support businesses in all areas and features a wide range of materials, all in one convenient location.

Key Resources for Small Business Support:

For a full list of essential resources for small businesses and more, covering everything from e-commerce to financial resources, and human resources to marketing, visit our Chamber Resource Library.


Join Our #ShopChamber Initiative

#ShopChamber is the Tri-Cities Chamber’s exclusive Member-to-Member discount program, which encourages Chamber members to shop locally.

This Small Business Week and beyond, choose to #ShopChamber and help the local businesses in our community to flourish, all while saving money.

As a business owner, enrol your business and offer a #ShopChamber deal to build brand awareness in the Chamber community.


Attend Virtual Events & Webinars

This Small Business Week, don’t forget to take advantage of all the free virtual events and webinars that are on offer:

Munch & Mingle
Thursday, October 21 | 12:30 – 1:15PM
Our popular lunchtime Munch & Mingle event returns next Thursday, October 21, from 12:30 – 1:15PM, just in time for Small Business Week! Register today to connect with other small business owners and Tri-Cities professionals, and share your business stories. This event is free for Chamber members, though pre-registration is required. Learn More >
[WiB] Cyber & Privacy Risks in the Digital Age Webinar
Thursday, October 21 | 4 – 5:30PM
Presented by MNP and Scotiabank

Cybercrime is on the rise, and it's crucial for business owners and leaders to be aware of the growing threats. Our Women in Business Program invites you to join us as we learn about the current workplace cybersecurity threats and how we can keep ourselves protected. Learn More >
A (Better) Way Forward: Canada's Changing Business Landscape
Tuesday, October 18 | 12PM (EDT)
Join Isabelle Hudon, BDC’s first woman President and CEO, and special well-known entrepreneur guests as they discuss the most exciting current opportunities for Canadian businesses and reflect on how entrepreneurs can become a force for change, for all of us. Learn More >
Economic Outlook: What's Next For Your Business
Wednesday, October 20 | 11:30AM (EDT)
Join Pierre Cléroux, BDC’s Chief Economist, for a live event as he provides an overview of the Canadian economy and the main indicators to watch. You will also learn about the big trends reshaping our new business environment and the tangible implications for business owners. Learn More >
Diversity and Inclusion 101
Thursday, October 21 | 12PM (EDT)
Successfully implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy in the workplace can seem like a painstaking and lengthy process. Diversity & Inclusion 101 dials the discussion back to the fundamentals and provides strategies to get you started today. Learn More >
How to Get a Business Loan in a Few Easy Steps
On-Demand Webinar
Applying for a business loan may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to prepare for and navigate the loan application process with BDC's on-demand webinar — from your credit score to what collateral you may be able to offer. Learn More >
How to Hire and Retain Staff for Your Business
Monday, October 18 | 9AM
As the BC economy opens up, businesses are struggling to maintain adequate staffing. Finding suitable candidates, hiring the right employees, and keeping employees you already have are all critical to your bottom line. Before you begin your search, you need to understand what makes your business a great place to work. This will help inform your approach to attract, select, and retain your team. Join Christina Stewart from Praxis Recruitment and learn strategies on finding and retaining employees so your business can not only operate but grow. Learn More >
Creating Engaging Video Content Using Your Phone
Monday, October 18 | 1PM
Many business owners think it’s expensive and time-consuming to create engaging video content, but this is no longer the case. Thanks to the humble smartphone, professional-looking videos can be made quickly and easily. Join Small Business BC for a fun and informative webinar and learn how to produce videos you can use immediately to tell your stories during the pandemic or build a library of videos you can draw from in the future as you populate your content calendar. Learn More >
Mental Health Tools and Resources for Small Business
Tuesday, October 19 | 9AM
In recent years, workplace mental health has emerged as a key issue for every business leader. The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the need to understand mental health, amplifying both ongoing struggles and general awareness. Join Amenda Kumar from WorkSafeBC for this insightful webinar that covers workplace resilience, along with constructive ways to intervene and cope with stress, burnout, or mental illness in the workplace. Learn More >
Online Lead Generation for Small Business
Monday, October 18 | 1PM
In these challenging times, it is more important than ever for small business owners to learn cost-effective ways to increase their sales leads and reach new customers. Thankfully, Digital Marketing has levelled the playing field for small businesses online. With the right tactics, businesses of all sizes can compete effectively online, reaching customers in several different places without breaking the bank. Join Ted Lau, Ballistic Arts, and learn practical, DIY tips for generating sales leads online. Learn More >
Market Research 1: Find Business Data and Insights
Tuesday, October 19 | 1PM
As an entrepreneur, it’s vital to conduct market research before making important decisions. Join Small Business BC’s Market Research Analyst, Mark Eversfield, as he explains how secondary market research can help you make an informed decision about the viability of your business idea by tapping into already existing market data. Learn More >
Blogging to Promote Your Business
Wednesday, October 20 | 9AM
Blogging allows a business to easily create and share valuable and relevant content with their target audience. Whether it’s blogging, social media or newsletters, content marketing is critical for entrepreneurs looking to promote their business in a budget-conscious manner. Join Ashley “WriterGal” Doan, Writergal Marketing Services, and learn how to increase visitors to your site organically and keep them there longer by publishing great content. Learn More >
TaxSense for Small Business
Wednesday, October 20 | 1PM
Whether you are starting or looking to grow your business, the business structure you choose can have a massive impact on your profits and tax situation. Join a representative from Loren Nancke Chartered Professional Accountants and learn accounting essentials, responsibilities and dates involved with managing a small business. Learn More >
Business Networking Skills for Success
Thursday, October 21 | 10AM
COVID-19 and the need to maintain physical distancing has dramatically impacted on our ability to network and make new contacts. Join Cathy Kuzel, Business Development Strategies and Advisor, and learn key tips for leveraging your existing networks to build your connections during this time of physical distancing, cancelled events, and closed doors. Learn More >
Business Mapping: Developing a Smart Business Model
Thursday, October 21 | 1PM
Struggling with the complexities of a business plan? Join John Baxter, Small Business BC, as he provides you with a lean start-up canvas for developing a new business that segments your potential enterprise into nine easy to understand chunks. Learn More >
Financial Planning for Your Small Business
Friday, October 22 | 10AM
Starting a business can be a lot like starting a family. Nurture it, put in the time and it can be one of the most rewarding things a person can do. Your first year in business represents the perfect time to nail down your financials and grow strong. Join Rinette Lagace, NET Bookkeeping as she helps you understand how to establish the right business strategy for your company. Learn More >
Digital Meetup: Finding Your Community Online
Friday, October 22 | 12PM
Community isn’t just a collective of customers, it’s the spirit of your business that uplifts entrepreneur and customer alike. Growing this community serves the dual purpose of helping your organization build resiliency, while creating a group of impassioned brand advocates loyal to your cause. Hosts Dylan Young, Program Manager for SBBC’s BC Marketplace and Darryl Julott, Managing Lead of Digital Main Street, will share from their experience in building online communities, guiding you to discover what community truly means for your business. Learn More >
Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents and More
Friday, October 22 | 1PM
Do you know if the work you create belongs to you? Or how to prevent others from copying your ideas? Attend Small Business BC's Trademarks, Copyright, Patents and More seminar and hear from an intellectual property lawyer on the various forms of intellectual property protection and how they can safeguard your business. Learn More >
[Futurpreneur] The Best Companies for the World
Tuesday, October 19 | 11AM
Learn how to build and grow a successful, sustainable startup in Canada. Presented by BDC & Futurpreneur. In this discussion, host and Futurpreneur CEO Karen Greve Young will welcome our guests Isabelle Hudon, BDC’s new CEO, and moderator Craig Ryan, BDC's Director, Purpose Entrepreneurship, to share what BDC has learned about the exciting entrepreneurship movement. Learn More >
[WEConnet] International Canada Conference 2021
Wednesday, October 20-21 | All Day
This October, WEConnect International is hosting its annual conference online. Over two days, this year's conference features virtual networking, speakers, business capability building opportunities as well as panels and presentations on SD&I and some of today’s most pertinent topics. Learn More >
[Coquitlam RCMP & Port Coquitlam Community Police Stations]
Business Safety: Robbery and Theft Prevention

Tuesday, October 19 | 7PM
Join the Coquitlam RCMP and Port Coquitlam Community Police Stations for the latest webinar in their Community Safety series. The webinar will include a presentation on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles for businesses, and a Q&A period with members of their guest panel, including Ryan Whittle, Vice Chair of the Tri-Cities Chamber's Board of Directors. Learn More >
[CAMSC] Supplier Knowledge Xchange with BDC and PAC
Thursday, October 21 | 10AM (EST)
The government of Canada fulfils many of its contracts using small businesses. Would you be interested in learning more about how you might be able to leverage these opportunities? Join the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC), as they welcome panellists from different organizations, as they share their procurement practices. Learn More >

Take Advantage of Free Marketing Opportunities

Register Your Business on BC Marketplace

Open your business to new audiences and create your own digital shop window by registering for a free business profile on BC Marketplace.

An initiative from Small Business BC to support and increase sales to local businesses across the province, BC Marketplace was created with support from the BC Government and the Government of Canada through Western Economic Diversification Canada.

This platform is free and incredibly simple to use. Join 1000s of small businesses across BC who are using the BC Marketplace to connect to new customers.

By registering your business, you can gain free marketing exposure, improve your online presence, and reach a BC-based audience. Build your customized profile today and connect your business to new customers throughout BC.

Share Your Small Business Story with the City of Coquitlam

As Small Business Week approaches, the City of Coquitlam is inviting its small businesses to share their story.

Businesses are encouraged to complete a brief questionnaire at coquitlam.ca/businessweek before Oct. 21 for a chance to be showcased on the City’s website and social media channels during Small Business Week from October 17 to 23.

As part of the City’s economic recovery efforts, the initiative helps promote local businesses while highlighting that buying from a local business or restaurant benefits the community.

Small Business is Big in Canada

Did you know that there are more than 1.2 million small and medium-sized businesses in Canada and that 98% of Canadian businesses have less than 100 employees?

Discover how small and medium-sized businesses help to fuel our economy with this infographic from BDC: