The 2016 Business Showcase is just over a week away. Along with networking with exhibitors and attendees, you’ll be given access to the Marwick Internet Marketing Education Lab. These seminars will provide valuable information into how you can make your small business as successful as possible. Below is the seminar schedule with more information on each presentation. Make sure to plan your day accordingly!

Seminar 1:Digital Marketing in 2017
Presented by: Christian Thomson, Marwick Internet Marketing
Time: 3:30PM

Christian Thomson CEO of Marwick Internet Marketing and Founder of the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference will dive deep into how search marketing will change in 2017. The workshop will help focus, educate and provide actionable insights for the savvy business owner looking to seriously grow their business in the coming 12 months.

From paid search (SEM) to the latest in organic search (SEO) including Google’s latest Penguin 4 update – you will leave with tips on how to gain the competitive advantage in your sector in 2017.


Seminar 2: To Incorporate or Not? The Dilemma Every Small Business Owner Faces
Presented by: Sharon Perry, Chartered Professional Accountant
Time: 5:00PM

Do I incorporate or operate as a sole proprietor? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What are the benefits and challenges? When is the right time to incorporate? What is the cost? Art there additional write-offs? What ever small business owner needs to know. A lot to think about and undoubtedly that cause of much anxiety!

Dispel the myths between incorporating versus operating as a sole proprietor. This informative session will help you gain better understanding about what the best avenue may be for you and your business. Sharon is very passionate about what she does and understands many small businesses don’t know the answers to these common questions; she explains in a manner that is understandable to all. No more intimidation, come learn more about To Incorporate or Not!


Seminar 3: 7 Best Practices for Creating a Great Workplace Culture
Presented by: Timothy Tiryaki, Business Development Bank of Canada
Time: 6:30PM
The greatest legacy an entrepreneur can create is a company with a great culture. A strong company culture is a magnet for employees and brings higher productivity and profits. Very few businesses achieve this. At this session, hear key insights from top workplaces and their key action on building a great workplace.


  • Winning HR strategies
  • Employee engagement and wellbeing
  • Benefits of building a great culture
  • How to build a great workplace


See you there!