I think we can all agree that it finally feels like summer. The sad news is that it’s August and most of what we’ve seen until this point has been rain, cloudy days and some more rain. The reality is that we experience so many cold rainy days that when it’s finally sunny and warm out, we nearly jump out of our socks to do all the outdoor summer activities we’ve been yearning to do such as barbeques, watersports, rollercoaster rides, seawall bike rides, restaurant patio intermingles and the list goes on.

Something worth adding to your list is Suter Brook’s fourth annual Summer Music Series. The series take place every Sunday, 8-10 pm from July 13 to Aug. 24 beside Onyx Steakhouse in Suter Brook Village.  As a resident of the village, the outdoor music concerts have definitely been a big highlight of my Friday evenings. Watching the concert while my husband and I enjoy a relaxing dinner on our balcony is seriously convenient entertainment!

Last Friday, we strolled down to the concert gathering after dinner. Not only was the concert entertaining with talented musicians and a great collection of tasteful song choices, but the event had a genuine community feel. The mixed crowd consisted of families, couples and kids, which made the concert a friendly and safe social environment… only way to describe it is warm neighbourhood vibes. It was definitely a different vibe compared to your typical concert.

I’m actually quite impressed with Suter Brook’s consistent efforts to engage the community. With its public art displays, fundraisers and neighbourhood events, Suter Brook has created a degree of community cohesion and connection that you just don’t hear about or feel when you visit most neighbourhoods.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the series’ last performance of the year this Friday.