Thank You to Our Incredible Volunteers

First published in the Tri-City News on Thursday, April 28, 2022

Volunteering leads to a positive impact that reaches far and wide, and most non-profit organizations would not be successful in pursuing their mission without the support of their volunteers. The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, much like other non-profit organizations, attributes much of its growth and success to our dedicated and passionate volunteers.

As it is National Volunteer Week (#NVW2022), the Chamber would like to recognize and thank all of the volunteers who have supported our organization throughout the years — from our Board of Directors and Committee members to the friendly faces that welcome you at a Chamber event.

Our Chamber Ambassadors are a team of respected professionals from various backgrounds who serve as a liaison between the Chamber, our members, and the Tri-Cities community as a whole. They are a go-to-source for advice on making the most out of a Chamber membership, help to increase general awareness of the Chamber and its opportunities, provide a familiar face at Chamber events, and much more.

Volunteers have led the way in making impactful changes and improvements in every facet of society, and the Chamber is grateful for the strong support of our volunteers, past and present.

If you’re looking to get more involved in the Tri-Cities Chamber business community, volunteering at the Tri-Cities Chamber is a fantastic first step.

To learn more about the volunteering opportunities available, please or call the Chamber at (604)-464–2716.

Meet Our Chamber Ambassadors

Top Row (L-R): Jennifer McKinnon (Chair), Mehran Aazamifard, Judith Castillo, Mark George, Matt LeRoy, and Shelley Linn.
Bottom Row (L-R): Kristi Mutka, Charles Sandor, Erin Scarlett, Joan Seaton, Renata Steele, and John Wolff.