We like local. We like apps. So, we’re bringing the two together with our newest Chamber benefit – the RTOWN Loyalty App! As a bonus, Chamber members receive a 6-month free trial!

Loyalty programs are a great way to thank your customers for shopping with you and encourage them to keep shopping with you. What better way to keep local residents shopping local? For our members, we wanted to go above and beyond the typical paper and plastic rewards cards that clutter up your customers’ wallets with a downloadable smartphone app. The RTOWN Loyalty App acts as a customizable ‘virtual stamp card’. How it works:

You decide on your reward program. RTOWN will brand it with your logo and your content. You decide on the number of stamps and the reward at the end.

Your customers can download the RTOWN app for free and subscribe to your offer.

Every time your customers make a purchase or pay you a visit, you simply ‘stamp’ their phone. When they’ve reached ‘x’ number of stamps, they come collect their reward, and then start all over again!


We’re even using it ourselves at the Chamber. Download the RTOWN app for yourself and subscribe to our offer. For every event you attend (free or paid!), you’ll receive a stamp. Get 10 stamps and receive 10 Chamber Bucks to put towards another event, or donate it back to the Chamber to be given to a local charity.

Want to learn more? We’re hosting an App Launch Party at our next Member Orientation!
When: June 24th, 5pm to 7pm
Where: Boston Pizza Maillardville
Cost: Free!