Port Moody & Co

About Us

Port Moody & Co. is a lifestyle brand that engages residents through the promotion of events, people, and apparel while increasing awareness of the area through the online community.

Our Mission & Values

We created a brand that this City was missing: online community and lifestyle apparel that embodies the Port Moody lifestyle and promotes the social development of the area. We want to develop a brand that embodies our community and promotes the social development of the area.

Why the Tri-Cities?

Born and raised in the Tri-Cities, Port Moody & Co. started as a creative outlet to focus our passion for this city.

How do we provide value to the Tri-Cities?

Apparel is a large part of our business, but most of our time is spent promoting Port Moody’s people and places, through our blog and social media. We developed the Anchored Here series to feature local entrepreneurs. We’ve run community events in partnership with local businesses. We donate back to local organizations as prizes or sponsors. When COVID-19 hit, we launched a giveaway of $1,000 worth of apparel to encourage locals to support local businesses.

Our Products and Services

We have a collection of apparel that is available online at www.portmoodyandco.com, and at local retailers. We also partner with local businesses to run engaging community events.

Contact Us

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