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About Us

Shop Local Port Moody (SLPM) is a society that represents the interest of local, independent businesses in Port Moody. We have been in existence for seven years and now have over 40 members. Our mandate is to work to increase consumer awareness about the importance of shopping locally and how it strengthens our community. In addition to this we also strive to be a voice of local business to the local government.

Our Mission & Values

Shop Local Port Moody’s mission is to ensure that we support local, independent businesses. By doing so, we strengthen our community and keep it unique “to the core” by shopping locally.

Our mission is to strengthen our community and make sure that people know that shopping locally shapes the character of our beautiful city.

Why the Tri-Cities?

Port Moody loves to get people together to celebrate our diversity, heritage, and community. Our local events bring the community together, as well as give visitors a unique taste of what Port Moody has to offer.

How do we provide value to the Tri-Cities?

When you choose to shop in your community at local, independent businesses you are making a choice to help keep your city vibrant and unique. Shop Local Port Moody is working to get the word out about these benefits and help keep shopping locally top of mind for those in our community.

How can the community support you?

Small businesses are an integral part of the character of neighbourhoods, drive innovation, offer consumers choice, and are run by actual people with stakes in the community. They are a big reason why Port Moody is such a great and unique place to live and visit. As many of them have been hit hard during COVID-19, Shop Local Port Moody is encouraging residents and patrons to show their love and support of Port Moody’s local businesses on social media channels.

With your support, local businesses will not only survive COVID-19, but come out of it stronger and in a better position to make Port Moody an even better, more vibrant community.

Why become a member?

There are many advantages of networking with a dedicated group of local merchants who get excited about learning about your products and services. Your membership to this group gives you the opportunity to be promoted through the Shop Local website and social channels and through other merchant’s social presence as well as having your very own business profile on the Shop Local website. Keep up-to-date with local events and municipal happenings and share in the strong support that Shop Local merchants have for each other.

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