Vivien Symington

Director, 2022 Board of Directors

Owner, Club Aviva


Vivien Symington has 50 years of gymnastics experience and earned BA/BPHE degrees from Queen’s University.

Established in 1986, Club Aviva is a large family-owned and operated gymnastics facility, offering a wide variety of unique programs to promote healthy physical and emotional lifestyles.

In 2002, Vivien invited the Empowering Steps Movement Therapy Program (ESMT), a unique child centre intervention for children and youth with neurodevelopmental disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome.

Vivien is an active volunteer with Coquitlam Festival Society (since 1992), Kids Brain Health Network, Gymnastics BC, and Simon Fraser Society. In 2017, she was inducted into the Coquitlam Sports Hall of Fame as a Community Builder and Club Aviva won the best BC Gymnastics Club of the Year.

She believes that society is vital to building a strong sense of community and shared goals. She strives to provide an inclusive centre in Coquitlam offering a safe and nurturing environment to promote the empowerment and health of all participants no matter what their abilities.