Your Chamber Working for You | Bringing Business Women and Supporters of Women Together to Further their Success

Established in the fall of 2017, the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce brought a small group of business leaders together to create a Women in Business committee. Chaired by board members Jennifer McKinnon and Mary Vellani, the committee is comprised of powerful and inspiring women of the Tri-Cities (or as Jennifer like to reference them as, “The Dream Team”).

The Women in Business (WiB) Committee is responsible for advocating, motivating, strengthening, encouraging and developing female talent and leadership in the Tri-Cities business community.

To fulfill its mandate, the WiB Committee will encourage meaningful connections, education, personal development, leadership skills, strategic thinking, assertiveness, self-awareness, and mentorship.

Their first event will celebrate women and their supporters on International Women’s Day, Thursday, March 8, and will take place at Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club. “This event will be the perfect opportunity to explore the drive and ambition of the WiB Committee. As well, this event will showcase the strength and support of the women in the community as they Press for Progress this International Women’s Day” says Committee Co-Chair, Jennifer McKinnon.

As for “what’s next?” keep your eyes open for some networking and educational opportunities coming down the pipe. Educational events will focus on wellness – including the mental, physical and emotional strength of women.

Jennifer McKinnon,
Chair, Women in Business Committee