Working for You | Canadian Economic Outlook and Emerging Markets

The 2018 Economic Summit focuses on radical and disruptive changes happening in the marketplace. With major cannabis legalization looming, cryptocurrencies tumbling up and down, and the increased popularity of blockchain, the information from this Economic Summit will edge you forward.

Cannabis legalizations have left many business owners and residents wondering what the implications will be.  How will the legalization affect hiring practices?  Will safety-sensitive employers administer drug tests more often and how will this affect their bottom line?  What will be the impact of impaired driving on traffic accidents?  Conversely, legalization can boost economic output as the industry moves away from illicit operations.

Join us for a conversation around how this legalization will affect you and your business. Gain some perspective on the topic from a panel of experts consisting of Allan Lingwood a retailer, Matt Christopherson, a grower, and David Martyn a cannabis expert.

Bitcoin, Ether, Neon, Litecoin, ripple!  Which one do you choose and why?  Digital currency technology could change the way we deal with money, or could they?  The “mines” keep on giving and more currencies are emerging each day with prices fluctuating by the second.  To some, we are in the midst of a currency upheaval and to others, it’s a currency revolution.  It’s no surprise that our economic development committee chose the future of cryptocurrencies and the disruptive blockchain technology as one of the topics for the 2018 Economic Summit.  How will digital currencies affect the economy, businesses, and banking as we know it?

We are thrilled to be bringing together experts to give you a Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin 101 that will widen your understanding in this area.  The panel will include Chris Jensen of RightMesh, Frans Tjallingii of First Coin Capital Corp and Dr. Peter Chow-White, Professor at Simon Fraser University.

Our keynote speaker, Niels Veldhuis, is President of the Fraser Institute and one of Canada’s most influential private-sector economists.  His presentation will be on Canadian Competitiveness at a Crossroads.  Niels will review the provincial and economic outlook as well as explore what pro-growth economic policies can re-establish Canadian and British Columbian competitiveness.

This half-day Economic Summit will inform, engage and promote dialogue on pressing economic issues of our times that can potentially impact our local businesses. We live in a competitive climate where the most dynamic and forward-thinking communities succeed.  I look forward to seeing many Tri-Cities businesses and individuals at this tantalizing event.

Register for the Economic Summit HERE.

Trish Mandewo
Board of Directors &amp
Chair of 2018 Economic Development Committee